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How to use Social Media for Growing Traffic and Sales.

Social Media…Connecting You

  If you are Serious about your Social Media then you’re in the right place!

  Welcome to “How to Use Social  Media to Grow Your Followers and Sales.”

  Starting Monday 25th February, I will send you 5 short videos every day for 5 days as I    help you understand exactly what you need to be doing in 2019 to grow your social          media followers and sales.

 You will be able to print off worksheets which you can fill in and complete and by the     end of the 5th day you will have your very own workbook…filled with ideas specifically   to your business for you to refer to time and time again.

 I can’t wait to see you!



 ps: This is a NEW course, so you will be one of the first to join a brand new Facebook   Group. That means I’ll be able to focus more attention on helping you and your lovely   business.

 How fabulous is that!

Starts Monday 25th February














  • A short video delivered straight to your inbox, everyday for 5 days.

  • Tips and tricks for you to put into action as soon as you are ready.



  • Work from the comfort of your desk or your armchair at a pace to suit you.




  • Worksheets for you to print, complete and keep forever.


  • All in black and white to save your printer cartridges.


  • You will finish with a workbook full made just for you.



Online Support.

  • Access to a brand new Facebook Group!
  • I will be on hand in the Facebook Group to answer your questions and support you.
  • Meet other business owners and support each other! 


Why Listen To Me?


Because I get it how frustrating social media can  be!


  • I know what it’s like to run around in circles chasing your tail.
  • I know what it’s like to wake up on a Monday Morning full of positivity but then “life gets in the way” and by Wednesday you’re panicking you’ve not achieved what you set out to do and the week is running away with you…I get it!!!

When I started my business I had such a lot to learn…I had no plan and I wasted hours running around in circles.

I was constantly “busy” but not actually making any progress.


But then things began to improve…



How Did My Business Change for the better?

I hired a business coach. A fellow northerner who tells it how it is. She isn’t afraid to kick my bum when I need it (which is most weeks to be honest).


I have an accountability buddy. She’s turned into a great friend but she’s not afraid to tell me how it is either!


Between these two lovely ladies, I have learned how to create a plan, see what works and stick with it.


And now I’m going to share my secrets of what works with you!


So far, I’ve helped 100’s of people to grow a successful business in person.


Now I’m ready to help other small businesses like you and I can’t wait!!!



Let’s get Serious about Social! 






"Informative and knowledgeable in a very friendly way"


"Very good course, and support."


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